Grass Karl Foerster-foliage 18-24" with bloom stalks 6' tall, spread 18-24", commonly called feather reed grass, feathery blooms emerge reddish brown in spring and turn golden in fall, will tolerate dry conditions, but thrives in wet soils, sterile seeds will not produce unwanted seedlings, full sun.

Grass Miscanthus Purpurascens-Ht 3-4' with plumes 5-6', spread 15-24", commonly called flame grass, foliage starts out green in spring but changes to reddish-purple as year progresses, perfect background plant, extremely hardy plants, full sun-partial shade.

Kniphofia Flemenco- Foliage 18-24", flower spikes 36", spread 18-24", stunning 8" blooms of yellow, orange and fiery red, excellent cut flowers, long tap root gives good drought tolerance, full sun.

Delphinium Blue Butterfly-​Ht 12'-18", spread 14"-18", good cut flower, attracts hummingbirds, needs rich moist soil, deadhead for best flower production, self-seeds, full/mostly sunny.

Delphinium Summer Morning-Ht 12", spread 12", forms compact mounds of foliage, flowers early summer to fall, attracts pollinators, full sun- part shade.

Delphinium Magic Fountain Dark Blue/Dark Bee-Ht 35-39", spread 18-23", encourage repeat blooming by removing dead spikes, deer resistant, full sun.

Perennial List for 2018 Spring Season  (closed for the summer)

Salvia Nemorosa Rose Marvel-Ht 10-12", spread 12", attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators, scented foliage deters deer and rabbits from nibbling, largest flowers of any rose colored salvia, long flowering, will rebloom without being cut back, full sun.
Salvia May Night-Ht 18-24", spread 12-18", plants need regular moisture to rebloom throughout the summer, deadhead to promote rebloom, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, can be clipped back hard after initial blooming, full sun.
Salvia Spring King-Ht 12-14", spread 12-14", attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, deer and rabbit resistant, deadheading ensures more flowering throughout the season, full sun.

Buddleia Black Knight-Ht 6-8'', spread 3'-5', fragrant, attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees, blooms early summer to first frost, full/mostly sun.​
Buddleia Buzz Hot Raspberry​-Ht 3-4', spread 36", deer resistant, dark purple fragrant flowers, bright yellow leaves, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, full sun.
Buddleia Royal Red​-Ht 4'-5', spread 4'-5', blooms up to 14' long, reddish-purple flowers loved by butterflies, full sun.

Gaillardia Arizona Sun-Ht 8-12", spread 12-16", long season of bloom (June-autumn), thrives in hot sunny areas, needs good winter drainage, deadheading is beneficial, full sun.

Chrysanthemum Matchsticks-Ht 18-23", spread 18-23", good for attracting late season butterflies and hummingbirds, full sun.

Gaura Pink Fountain-Ht 23-35", spread 18-23", bushy habit with loads of buds all season long, needs good winter drainage, full sun to partial shade.

Coreopsis Red Satin-Ht 14-18", spread 18-21", flowers all summer, deadheading encourages longer bloom time, will thrive in poor soil but needs good drainage, full sun.
Coreopsis Sunray-Ht 16'"-20'," spread 12'-16', provides display of yellow flowers for weeks on end, deadheading will encourage blooming into fall, attracts butterflies, deer and rabbit resistant, full sun-partial shade.

Coreopsis Uptick Cream and Red-Ht 12-14", spread 12-14", blooms May to September, full sun.

Nepeta Walker's Low-Ht 24-30", spread 24-36", compact mounds of gray-green foliage are adorned with fragrant blue spikes of flowers, tolerant of drought, thrives in dry soil, remove first flower spikes after they fade to promote continued bloom, full sun to part shade.

Phlox subulata Crimson Beauty, Emerald Blue, Fort Hill-Ht 6", spread 18", masses of flowers cover low-growing mounds in spring, good groundcover, bank planting or rock garden plants, tolerates some drought, leaves are evergreen, full sun-partial sun.

Rudbeckia Denver Daisy-Ht 18-20", spread 12-18", a short-lived perennial, sometimes treated as an annual, may self-seed, flowers for months on end, outstanding cut flower, deadheading regularly will increase bloom time, wonderful in mixed containers, full sun-partial shade.

Rudbeckia Viettle's Little Suzy-Ht 12-18 ", spread 9-12", common name black-eyed Susan, plants slowly spread in garden by rhizomes, prefer consistent moisture, good air circulation is appreciated, deadhead for consistent bloom, full sun.

Sedum Autumn Fire-Ht 2-3', spread 2', rose pink flowers in fall, butterflies and bumblebees love this plant, prefers average to dry, well-drained soil, full sun.
Sedum mix​-good for use in a fairy garden or as a ground cover, low maintenance, full sun.
Succulents-miscellaneous succulents including several varieties of hen and chicks, full sun.

Aquilegia (Columbine) Songbird Mix-Ht 1', spread 18", blooms spring to early summer, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, part-full shade.

Astilbe Astary Rose​-Ht 10", spread 8", blooms summer to fall, partial sun-partial shade.


Echinacea Kismet Intense Orange-Ht 16-18", spread 24", blooms summer into late summer, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, good cut flower, full sun.

Echinacea Prairie Splendor-Ht 18", spread 18", tolerant of heat, drought and poor soil, will rebloom without deadheading, will self-seed if seed heads are left, full sun to part shade.

Echinacea Sombrero Baja Burgundy-Ht 18-20", spread 21-23", excellent for cutting, blooms midsummer into fall, remove spent flowers for better blooming, full sun.

Echinacea Sombrero Lemon Yellow Improved-Ht 18-20", spread 22-24", deer resistant, attracts butterflies, blooms summer to fall, full sun.

Dianthus Everlast Burgundy Blush​-Ht 8-12", spread 12-14", fragrant, large number of blooms in spring, blooms into summer, then large flush again in fall, full sun.

Veronica First Glory-Ht 18", spread 18", royal blue blooms from summer to fall, good cut flower, good plant for a small space, attracts butterflies, full sun-partial shade.
Veronica Liwanensis Turkish-Ht 2", spread 18", blooms early to mid spring, considered a "steppable" because it tolerates foot traffic, evergreen groundcover, full sun. 
Veronica Red Fox-Ht 12", spread 12", long bloom cycle, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, deer and rabbit resistant, prune back to base in fall or winter, full sun-partial sun,
Veronica Royal Candles-​Ht-9"-12", spread-6"-9", deer and rabbit resistant, spikes of blooms from early summer to early fall, blooms best when deadheaded, attracts bees and butterflies, full sun.
Veronica Royal Rembrandt-Ht 18-20", spread 18-20", attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, shear back to encourage rebloom, full sun-partial sun.