​Alcea Creme de Cassis-Ht 4'-6', spread 12'-24', biennial which rewards with spectacular raspberry and white blooms in single and double form, full sun.

Alcea Indian Spring​-Ht 4'-6', prolifically bloomer, blooms first year, single and semi-double blooms in shades of pink, full sun.

Buddleia Black Knight-Ht 6-8'', spread 3'-5', fragrant, attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees, blooms early summer to first frost, full/mostly sun.​

Buddleia Evil Ways​-Ht 4', spread 4'-5', deer resistant, dark purple fragrant flowers, bright yellow leaves, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, full sun.

Buddleia Royal Red​-Ht 4'-5', spread 4'-5', blooms up to 14' long, reddish-purple flowers loved by butterflies, full sun.

Campanula Glomerata Superba​-Ht 2', spread 2', produces low clump of foliage with upright stems of showy clusters of rich purple funnel-shaped flowers, deer and rabbit resistant, full sun-partial shade.

Coreopsis Grandiflora Sunray-Ht 16'-20', spread 12'-16', provides display of yellow flowers for weeks on end, deadheading will encourage blooming into fall, attracts butterflies, deer and rabbit resistant, full sun-partial shade

Coreopsis Jethro Tull​-Ht 12-18', spread 13'-18', flowers start mid-spring, deadheading encourages longer bloom time, will thrive in poor soil but needs good drainage, full sun-partial shade.

Daylily Berrylicious-Ht 23', spread 18'-24', provides amazing amount of vibrant red to purple blooms all summer long, will benefit from partial shade in hottest part of day.​

Daylily Diva's Choice​-Ht 23", spread 18"-24", candy pink petals with bright yellow edges, extremely cold hardy and heat tolerant, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, full sun to partial shade.

Daylily Night Embers​-Ht 30", spread 24"-30", large 5" blooms that are cherry red with white edging, constant rebloomer from early to mid summer, full sun.

Daylily Pardon Me​-Ht 16'-18", spread 23"-29", fragrant cranberry-red flowers with a yellow throat, rebloomer, deer and rabbit resistant, full sun to partial shade.

Daylily Rosy Returns​- Ht 12"-14", spread 18"-23", truly everblooming in northern regions, dwarf variety, 4" bright rose flowers with deeper pink eye and yellow throat, full sun to partial shade.

Delphinium Blue Butterfly-​Ht 12'-18", spread 14"-18", good cut flower, attracts hummingbirds, needs rich moist soil, deadhead for best flower production, self-seeds, full/mostly sunny.

Gaura Rosey Jane-Ht 2', spread- 2', tolerates heat, humidity and some drought; white flowers with pink picotee edges, remove spent flower spikes to prolong bloom, blooms May to September, full sun-partial shade.

Hosta Lakeside Paisley Print​-Ht 10", spread 20", heart shaped leaves with wide wavy green margins, unique pattern of variegation, partial to full shade.

Peony Bartzella​-Ht 25"-29", spread 29"-35", hybrid between garden peony and tree peony, huge yellow double to semi-double flowers with lemony fragrance, deer and rabbit resistant, full sun. (Limited Quantity!)

Peony Celebrity​-Ht 33"-37", spread 33"-37", large raspberry-pink blooms with white centers, full sun.

Peony Felix Crousse​-Ht 2'-3', spread 2'-3', large double blooms with raspberry-red petals, delightfully fragrant and elegantly ruffled petals, makes excellent cut flower, full sun to partial sun.

Peony Festiva Maxima​-Ht 3', spread 2'-3', pure white fragrant flowers with occasional flecks of crimson at the base of center petals, full sun. 

Sedum mix​-good for use in a fairy garden or as a ground cover, low maintenance, full sun.

Stipa Pony Tails-Ht 1'-3', spread 1'-3', clumps of delicate green filaments, Texas native, deer resistant, frost and drought tolerant, ​may self-seed, should be considered annual in zone 5, full sun to part sun.

Veronica Royal Candles-​Ht-9"-12", spread-6"-9", deer and rabbit resistant, spikes of blooms from early summer to early fall, blooms best when deadheaded, attracts bees and butterflies, full sun.

Viola MagnifiScent Sweetheart​-Ht 4"-9", spread 6"-9", frilled cream-primrose blooms with mauve edges, will flower spring to fall, for  best performance cut the back and feed them during hottest time of summer, full sun to partial shade.

Perennial List for 2017 Spring Season (currently closed)